Vintage Love


We deal with love as we see it or as we are. Love it’s always different throughout a lifetime. It’s platonic when we are children, it’s passionate in our 20s, it’s based on friendship when we are adults and we seek for partners when getting married.
Sometimes we say “I love you” or we just want to possess and to get back as much as we give or even more. Sometimes we blame love for being painful or harsh. Love is sophisticated, we are getting often confused, trapped and it’s hard to distinguish the pure feeling from superficiality, attention seeking or, as Dua Lipa sings “We are scared to be lonely”.

But love wasn’t the same almost a century ago. It was prohibited, limited, judged, not a fundamental right, for sure.

An Eastern European Story

Ana was 21 years old when her mother announced her she has to move to a new house and get married. Not so long ago, at 21 girls were considered to be old spinsters.

In 3 days everything was decided. Nobody asked Ana if she would like to marry Petru. She barely knew her future husband.
No dates, passion, kisses, emotions, engagement ring or making plans for the future. The future was decided without their consent.
Anna was wearing a white dress with long sleeves and black boots. It was autumn, it was raining, so old boots were perfect for such an occasion.

Petru was staring at his wife and smiling.

Ana moved to a new house, after taking with her just a few clothes (not tons of suitcases as nowadays). The stranger became The husband.

The good thing about Petru was his smile. He never stopped smiling. It was like a balm for Ana in those days. As we like to say nowadays “fake it till you make it”, apparently worked for them. Sometimes life is kind and gives us the best with very little effort. The stranger became The loved one. 

Happiness is what we fight for, but it’s never guaranteed that we’ll keep it forever. The World War II reached their lands. Petru as many other young men had been enrolled. During those years Ana saw him just once, but he never met their daughter. Ana had only sweet memories to keep warm during cold winters in the time of peace.

After the war, Ana had only sweet memories to keep warm during cold winters in the time of peace.

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